Keith Tell us How he Grew his Betting Bank

how to grow your betting bank

We decided to publish a case study-style guide to help you grow your betting account using GoodBet Horse Racing PREMIUM.

We wanted to make sure the process can be repeated by ANY BETTOR (from beginners to expert) and so we asked Keith* to show you how he did it in this guide and how accessible and powerful GoodBet HR PREMIUM is.

This article about how Keith grew his betting account substantially is intended for everyone, be they beginner, medium or expert in the betting area. And there are many, many, many bettors, estimates as high as several billion.

And yes, although a very small handful of those bettors enjoy great profit, the sad truth is that most of those bettors only know losses day after day with occasional wins to keep them engaged but who do not profit in the medium or long term. Indeed, they cannot, thanks largely to their approach betting.

Most of those bettors will give up quickly and easily because they don’t see that it is not so much about winning as about growing their betting account.

There you have it, the Team and I we know that betting is a story ofanalytics, data, knowledge and patience. Nothing happens by chance or luck. Note that, in none of our messages will you read “Good Luck”, but we will wish you “Happy Betting!” because betting is a personal investment story that means to know how to acquire the right tools that will give you the right data.

Are you wondering if you too can be like Keith? Are you able to increase your profits? I have great news for you: the answer is YES.


Start to bet smart and, above all, protect the bank.


“Dear Bettingdev,

Just a short note to thank you for your GoodBet HR PREMIUM. Now that I have retired and have more time on my hands, I have got more interested in the gee-gees. However, the difference is that, when I was working, I could splash the cash and didn’t really mind whether I won or lost. Truth be told I lost a helluva lot more often than I won but I didn’t notice it. Now I’m on a pension I can’t afford to play. I used to think I knew about betting but I learned it is a serious business, best told with the very raw advice: How do you make a Million when betting? – Start with 10 million!

Think about it. Where I used to get “enjoyment” from having an interest in a race with £10 (and more) on a runner in the hope of winning and the all too rare in retrospect thrill of having a winner so that I forgot about the losers, I now saw my pension pot shrinking and no prospect of overtime or a bonus from hitting my KPIs to rebuild my bank! Lessons learned: start to bet smart and, above all, protect the bank.

GoodBet HR PREMIUM gave me more discipline and led me in the right direction.

Betting smart meant I had to look at how and where I bet. Being old school, I was happy to look at the Racing Post and make my decisions on the race card and tipsters’ advice.

Betting smarter meant that I began to analyse a bit more, focussing on the top of the betting and comparing horses against each other. I started to keep records and track my bets but, while I got OK at it, I wasn’t cool enough to stand back. Bottom line, the whole thing took hours which led to me taking shortcuts and, with note taking, copying to paper and computer, there were errors. I was getting better but it’s no wonder that, no matter how much I tried, I still let my gut/intuition overrule my head and the time taken would lead to forgetting some things and frustration.

I tried out your GoodBet HR in Manual Mode. I worked with it for a good while but, while it gave me more discipline and led me in the right direction, I found it tedious to have to click for each horse and each criterion. That said, it changed the picture big time because it added a lot more detail and, in your words, allowed me to focus on the likely winners. However, while I had the discipline, I was still taking shortcuts by sifting the field for my fancies and not looking at the race as a whole. By the way, I have to say the User manual was enlightening.

I would have liked to have teamed up with a data analyst long before today.

I have never been one to pay for tipsters so I was a bit hesitant to upgrade to the PREMIUM version. However, when I read into it and thought about it, I could see it wasn’t really about tips but about saving me a lot of data entry time. Even though I am retired and not earning much that time saving is worth it since, at 30p or so a day, it costs a lot less than my daily paper and Racing Post and that’s without factoring in the bunch of other goodies in the package. Yes, it’s a tipping service if you just take their selections, same as any of the formlines. But, as I said, it’s more than that: all the relevant data nicely laid out, indicators as to best bet, DOBBING and a results service.

The way the data is laid out brings you straight to the best fancies but I reckoned I could do better and so I spent some time paper trading, downloading the racecards and betting slips on Excel and then began to refine systems. I have played around a bit with the points criteria a little but, frankly, I could just as well have left them alone. OK, I have let my gut feeling come into play from time to time but I was able to be much more analytical. I would have liked to have teamed up with a data analyst long before today.

Here’s the result of one system I have developed. The graph speaks for itself but I went from £355 to £1247 at £10 stakes. I’d prefer not to publicise it but, believe me, it was so obvious when I spotted it, I couldn’t believe it! Give a little bit of thought, record keeping and playing around with the top 2 or 3 selections I reckon you’ll spot it too. Let me say that the Daily Racing data led directly to a winner @ 47.0 soon followed by one at 30.0 which did no harm to my results. Both were readily available from GoodBet HR analysis. Time to cash in from my betting back to my personal account! Thanks GoodBet HR PREMIUM!

I expect winners and with far less effort!

Bottom line: I am doing what I should have been doing all along: protecting and then building my bank. These days I spend a lot of time paper betting and playing with spreadsheets but not a lot of time on the actual betting!

Here’s something like my day:

In the old days after spending a lot of time trying to be rational about my decisions, I would have hoped to be a winner, nowadays, I expect them and with far less effort! Unfortunately, I don’t win every day but I’m cool with that since that’s sport, full of surprises. I don’t much kick myself for silly bets made on a hunch.”

– Keith –

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