January Summary
For some time now my mates and I have been discussing the merits of each way betting as opposed to win only betting with the bot. While I have always thought each way betting was better for the punters physiological wellbeing, by seeing a return when their bets run a place, the results haven’t always backed this up. Through January we haven’t had a great run on auto, but it was still is a long way in front if we were betting win only. So from today onwards I intend to change my approach and will only be running in win only mode for the next month. So my February settings have been adjusted and my approach is to target each bet to win $50. I will be running two bots. The only difference is the odds range for each approach. New setting are only given to Malbot users.

Results for the month so far on these settings:

February Summary
The new February settings were used for all of days for both Aussie and UK & Ire races. Overall we had a $98 profit for the month. Aussie lost $101 and UK/IRE Won $187.
We peaked with a profit of $354 on the 8th of Feb and then got down to a losing position of minus $259 on the 22nd before finishing strongly. We also introduced two new features that now are part of standard settings. I am now going to continue along with the same basic settings with just a couple of small changes. My new screenshots are below. These will be used for the month of March. Betting each race to win $50 per horse. Good luck to those who follow my settings. New settings are only given to Malbot users.

March is not finished, results for this month will be displayed at the start of April.

Last screenshot of today. Classic Malbot indicator – clear top rated, only one over 100 – and wins at 13.00

This is the overview of Malcolm who is our horse racing expert and in the same time the creator of Malbot. But as he keeps saying, its YOUR choice to either follow or do YOUR own thing. We encourage you to test other settings with the test mode and have fun!

Happy punting to all!

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