Malbot with its default settings finished July with a nice profit of $1067!!

Malbot Horse Racing Bot is delivered with default settings that suit UK/IRE/AUS races. But you can of course modify the settings (scanning times, ratings, minimum favourite’s price, and much more!).

But as we keep saying, its your choice to either follow or do your own thing. What we do it’s only a guide for Malbot users.

For example, you can have great profits like Mike who has developed his own settings (easily doable with the data analysis of Malbot)!

Click here to see betting history of July or find out more about Malbot Settings in our forum discussion.

“From 8th March to 14th March my Malbot placed 480 bets on Australian races and 229 WON & 251 LOST with $20 WIN bets and $5 Place bets for a profit on those 7 days of $471.19.
The Avg Divy was $3.17 with a Max of $32.00 and a Min of $1.10
The Avg Rating was 163.4 with the Max 347 and Min 100.
Obviously I bet on almost every Meeting available.

“After a massive $828 profit day last Saturday my settings have now produced a $544 profit Month To Date.

“Guys – another profit update for your interest…
This Saturday has seen my settings produce a record $1138 profit, using $20 Win bets and $6 Place bets.
My Month To Date profit is now a healthy $1458!
Keep winning

“Update on my Results
May finished with a small profit of $10
June was massive and my best month yet with a profit of $1896
This has prompted me to make a change in my strategy from a single win & place bet to dutch betting the top two selections with the same $25 sized bet as previously used. I will review again at the end of July.
July showing a small loss of $254 so far.

“July now looking much better $532 profit after 23rd July.
Still Dutching top two to Win with a $25 outlay.

My results to the end of July disappointed a little with the month finishing with a loss of $154. Have now re-tuned my settings so I am now Dutch betting the top two rated horses above 98 with no other restrictions except limiting the Tracks to those that have been profitable over the last 6 months and a Field size limit.
Aug01 showed a $64 profit on a Dutch bet to lose $23.


  1. David

    Hi Mike , you seem to have an interesting set rules. Care to share your betting parameters.??

    Presume win betting only and in Australia?



  2. Mike McBain


    I am sorry that I missed seeing your question earlier. But better late than never.

    Yes I win bet only and only on Aus Gallop Flat races.

    I bet Betfair Starting Price BSP only.

    My current Price range is set 1.3 to 6.0.

    Having said all that I would like to say that I have actually stopped live betting with Malbot for the time being and I am running two copies of G2M one live and one simply gathering data for Excel analysis.

    I consider the data gathering most important and I need much more data from Malbot before I go live again.

    Hope that helps you and others.


  3. Laurence Bettingdev

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your answer.

    As we take all customer feedback seriously, about Malbot what data would you be interested in?

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