Join our Official Facebook Group for Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO!

You are welcome to join us to the Official Facebook Group for Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO!

In-play Betting Football Bot

The purpose of this group is to help one another get to know and understand Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro better, to provide guidance as we build our own strategies with Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro and to talk in general about this awesome bot.

We encourage any serious bettors curious about Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro to start with the monthly plan to see how powerful this bot is. As a new subscriber you can get a 30-day free trial with Gruss Software and we can sort a week trial out with IPT for ONLY £1 (only valid coupled with Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro). The only risk is that you will fall in love with it!

As a reminder: Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro is an Automated In-Play Betting Bot created and developed by Bettingdev that uses live statistics (number of shots on target, yellow cards, corners, etc) from InplayTRADING to bet and trade ON YOUR BEHALF, on Betfair, 24/7 according YOUR OWN STRATEGIES!

SS2 facebook group

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