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BT DRAW – Lifetime License


Draws are hard to predict. Therefore, building such an automated bot was a really ambitious project that our team has handled brilliantly!

Unlike more conventional manual systems, BET THE DRAW Bot is based on study and experience of the Betfair markets. This unique expertise allows us to identify the likely best opportunities (value bets) every day and to automatically bet with the optimised stakes that will allow you to be profitable.

This wonderful bot has been developed so that anyone can use it, even if you have no knowledge of the betting world or computer skills. The only thing you need to know is how to… click a button to start the bot 😉

BET THE DRAW Bot is delivered with the optimum settings for backing or laying, you don’t have to configure anything (however, if you wish you can modify the different criteria to suit your own style).

JUMP ON IT before it’s too late because it’s a Very Limited Edition to avoid influencing Betfair’s odds too much (especially in low volume markets).

To run BET THE DRAW Automated Betting Soccer Bot you need:
A Betfair Global Exchange Account – Mouse over here to see the authorised countries
A subscription to Betting Assistant (£6 per month)


Hello Serious Bettor!

This is BT DRAW (Bet The Draw).

BET THE DRAW is a profitable automated soccer betting bot that is based on value bets on the Draw selection of Match Odds markets.


BT DRAW has been designed to pick the draws that are more likely to win (back), or the draws with few probabilties to happen (lay).

To achieve this goal, it explores mathematically calculated selections where the probability of the outcome is greater or less than the odds reflect.

Coupled with the ‘Kelly Criteria’  BT DRAW maximizes the growth of your bank-roll over the long term by determining the optimal stake on each bet.

Don’t miss any opportunities! Bet with a mathematical advantage with BT DRAW!

Success only comes if you get an advantage over other punters. BT Draw ticks all the boxes, hurry up, there won't be enough for everyone!

Why is it EXCLUSIVE?

No time-consuming (literally only need to turn on the bot).

This is basically a random snapshot of a short period of play with BT Draw. It is a generally easy read and will give you a feel of the process. You can see the odds, stakes and outcomes.

Value Bets

BT Draw bets on best opportunities using stakes optimised with Kelly criteria.


Get a mathematical advantage over the other bettors!


One space, everything available at a glance. No betting knowledge needed!

One-click bot

Best predefined settings included, turn on the bot and start winning money.

2 modes

Bet with real money or for testing purpose.

Especially developed for your betting power.

A new generation of betting bot

This new generation of bots will surprise you in many ways.
Thanks to a very precise selection of bets based on value bets, and an automatic optimization of the stakes, it is mathematically practically impossible to risk the bankrupt.

No loss recovery, no martingale, ONLY good values! 

More user-friendly than ever

The “Automated Settings” option allows the bot to always use the latest settings designed by our team of specialists.

You literally don’t have to do anything except turning on the bot!

2 different modes integrated with specific settings: one for the week and one for the weekend.

New amazing features

>> Possibility to list only games with a bet
>> Automatic import of new games throughout the day.
>> Export to XLSX format of the game list with all the data and the betting history.
>> Real-time yield calculation
(it indicates the profitability you have achieved based on the amount wagered and the profit margin obtained)
>> Livescores
>> Live sounds following the events of your placed bets (goal, winning bets, etc).

Take a closer look!

Betting History

This screenshot shows a net profit of 377.20 from 95 bets with a unit stake of £10. All with no effort on the bettor’s part other than turning on the bot with a yield of 26%.

What is considered a good yield?
Of course, any positive betting Yield above 0 is a good sign and a reason to see how your bankroll grows. Getting an approximate 5% return margin is more than satisfactory for the vast majority of sports bettors. However, to consider a good Yield in betting , it would be appropriate to exceed values such as 10% , where the profit margin increases and the bets you make yield a much more noticeable return on each bet you make.

Higher Betting Yield=Higher Profits!

BET THE DRAW user guide available here!

In order to preserve the markets (to avoid influencing the Betfair’s odds too much, especially in low volume markets) and to safeguard your dividends we keep a closed circle of punters using this Automated Betting Soccer Bot. Better, you will regularly receive settings to make the best use of the bot and we will of course be more than happy to answer all your questions.


BET THE DRAW (BT DRAW) is on sale for only £249 (Lifetime License) on our website ONLY DURING “SHORT SALES EVENT”.


If we think we can add a few more licenses to the 25 initially available (depending on Betfair’s odds), we will leave this sale open a little longer.


BET THE DRAW (BT DRAW) comes with an unique and personal serial number. The number of available licenses is for the moment limited to 25. This is why we reserve the right to remove this offer AT ANY TIME WITHOUT WARNING, if the limit license is reached.


By purchasing BET THE DRAW (BT DRAW) you automatically become a member of the V.I.B Bettingdev Club (Very Important Bettor). This means that you will be informed before all other members of the next brief sales and other events and will have priority in buying.




To run BT DRAW you need:

This bot can run with all Betfair accounts in these countries: United Kingdom, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Faroe Islands, Finland, Gabon, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Saint Lucia, Seychelles, Slovakia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sultanate of Oman, Sweden, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, British, Vietnam.

BT DRAW does not directly use the Betfair API but uses the COM connection of Betting Assistant (Gruss Software) to connect to your Betfair account, that’s why you have to subscribe to Betting Assistant.

Technical Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 2016 DC, Windows 2019 DC
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (already included in Windows 7 and higher)
Processor: 1 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent
Memory: 2GB recommended
Disk Space Requirements: 50MB
Screen Resolution: 1920×1080 (minimum)

BT DRAW is intended for windows pc users, but no worries if you are mac, iphone, android or linux user we recommend the use of our UK VPS to be able to run it.



Bot delivery

Downloadable after purchase.
You just have to enter the order number that you can find on the confirmation order that you received by email, and the e-mail address you used when you made your purchase. Then, click “Activate” to activate BT DRAW.
You may have to wait a few minutes before registering the software so that our payment system can update our servers.


ONE licence = ONE computer
More if you have to change your PC or use a VPS, you have the possibility to transfer the BT DRAW license to another computer without any fees.

"Bot Installation Help” service

Each license comes with a “bot installation help” service if needed.  The installation procedure is very easy and the different steps are indicated in our user guide. However, if you need help installing the bot, our team will be available to assist for free!

Technical Support




VPS Information

If your personal computer has the necessary requirements you can run BT DRAW with it. But for a better use of the bot we advise the use of our Betting UK VPS “Standard Plan”. All our UK VPS are configured for a betting use and we take care of everything: set up Gruss + BT DRAW.
If BT DRAW is installed on our VPS, any intervention for a technical problem will be FREE.
However if you run it on a VPS to another provider, if you have a technical issue and want our intervention, a fee of £30 will be charged.

Payment Method

Debit/Credit card or Paypal.


* (release on 12/11/2022) *
Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where Automated Settings where not working properly because the Maximum Draw Volume was set to 0 (and therefore no lay bets were placed).
* (release on 11/11/2022) *
– The “Minimum Draw Volume” in LAY settings as been changed to “MAXIMUM Draw Volume”.
– The Help section is now completed.
New feature:
– New settings for the week are now available (automated settings).
* (release on 07/11/2022)
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed bug where the live yield was wrong in some cases (1X2 and Betting History).
– Fixed bug where the livescore was not correctly displayed when the additional time exceeded 9 minutes.
* (release on 07/11/2022) *
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed bug where the final score might not be updated in some cases when a goal was scored during extra time.
– Fixed bug where the log files were not sent properly when reporting a bug from the bot.
* (release on 07/11/2022) *
Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where the auto-update function did not work properly.
* (release on 07/11/2022)*
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed bug where the bot crashed when you clicked on the icon to refresh the filters in the Betting History.
– Fixed bug where the final score was not always recorded in real mode in the Betting History.
– Fixed bug where the game status was not updated to “SCANNED” when a bet was placed (before turning in-play).
– Fixed bug where bets were displayed in the Betting History even if you had not selected any mode or bet type.
– Fixed bug where the ON/OFF button displayed ON (instead of OFF) when opening the bot.

***1.0.0 (initial release on 07/11/2022)***


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What Are Draw Bets?

Draw bets are selections indicating that a game will end without a winner. In short, both teams will score an equal number of goals or no goals.

What do I need to start with BT DRAW?

You need a Betfair Account and a Gruss Software subscription (Betting Assistant).

BT DRAW does not directly use the Betfair API but uses the COM connection of Betting Assistant (Gruss Software) to connect to your Betfair account. That’s why you have to subscribe to Betting Assistant (£6/month or £60/year) to run it (i.e. to read markets and place bets).

As a new subscriber of Betting Assistant you can enjoy a 30-day free trial.

With which Betfair Account runs BT DRAW?

BT DRAW can run with all Betfair accounts in these countries: United Kingdom | Andorra | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Azerbaijan | Bahamas | Barbados | Belarus | Bermuda | Bolivia | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Botswana | Brazil | Burundi | Cambodia | Cayman Islands | Chile | Costa Rica | Croatia | Denmark | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Egypt | El Salvador | Equatorial Guinea | Faroe Islands | Finland | Gabon | Gibraltar | Guatemala | Honduras | Hungary | Iceland | Indonesia | Ireland | Ivory Coast | Jamaica | Japan | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Latvia | Lebanon | Liberia | Liechtenstein | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Malta | Mauritius | Mexico | Moldova | Monaco | Mongolia | Montenegro | Morocco | Nepal | Netherlands Antilles | New Zealand | Nicaragua | Nigeria | Norway | Pakistan | Panama | Paraguay | Peru | Philippines | Romania | Saint Lucia | Seychelles | Slovakia | South Korea | Sri Lanka | Sultanate of Oman | Sweden | Thailand | Trinidad and Tobago | Tunisia | Turkmenistan | Ukraine | Uruguay | Uzbekistan | Venezuela | Virgin Islands, British | Vietnam.

I am a beginner bettor and not very computer skilled, isn't it too complicated to use BT DRAW?

Using BT DRAW is very simple. It’s a one-click bot, which means you just have to press the “ON” button to launch the bot. And then it does the job for you.

I have no football trading experience, is BT DRAW suitable for me?

Absolutely! You don’t need to have any experience in studying matches, data and statistics because BT DRAW bets itself according to the optimum automated settings we have included. These settings are updated regularly.

I'm not good at finding good settings at all. Are they included in BT DRAW?

Yes, they are! The optimum settings are always included in BT DRAW and updated automatically if you have checked the automatic settings option. Of course, if you want to put your own settings you can do that too.

Does BT DRAW back or lay the draw?

It does both but it only places one bet per game (back or lay). At the beginning of its development, BT DRAW was designed mainly to back the draw, but during our numerous tests, it became clear that there were also many opportunities to lay. We have therefore also included this feature, which makes this bot a genius in this field!

How BT Draw knows when to lay or back? Is the calculation based on previous matches or on the teams' odds?

No, it is only based on market prices, volumes and movements. BT Draw explores mathematically calculated selections where the probability of the outcome is greater or less than the odds reflect (value bets). Coupled with the ‘Kelly Criteria’  BT DRAW maximizes the growth of your bankroll.

On which leagues BT DRAW does it bet on?

BT Draw bets on all the leagues available on Betfair Exchange.

How much of a bank do I need to get started?

You can use BT Draw whatever your bankroll. The unit(s) calculated by BT Draw are based on a bankroll of 100 points (Kelly criteria). This means that if your Betfair balance is £500 (or whatever the currency), you should put £5 in the unit settings (1 Unit = …).

Do I need a VPS to run BT DRAW?

If your personal computer has the necessary technical requirements you can run BT DRAW with it 😉

Considering BT DRAW runs 24/7, we advise the use of our UK VPS STANDARD Plan, like this you can turn off your personal computer while it runs on our UK VPS. The betting market never stops so it is inconceivable that you would need to stop BT DRAW just because you have to turn off your personal computer!

Also, between you and us, the fact is that your personal computer is not really designed to stay ON for 24/7. Running it like that will inevitably shorten its lifespan!

Can I uninstall and reinstall BT DRAW in the case of broken PC or VPS server change?

YES of course. Concretely, if you want to change your PC or use a VPS, we will send you a new product key, and the previous one will be automatically deactivated because One Licence = One computer or VPS.

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