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Experience the full power of ⚽SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 Pro🏆, an Automated In-Play Betting Football Bot that uses LIVE STATISTICS📊 from InplayTRADING (shots on target🎯, shots off target, corners, yellow cards🟡, red cards🔴, dangerous attacks⚡, pressure index, etc.) to bet and trade 💸 on your behalf on Betfair, 24/7⏰ and according to your personal strategies🧠.

Secure your lifetime license today and make a one-time investment for lifelong profitability💹!

The outstanding advantage of opting for a lifetime license is that it gives you continuous access to this cutting-edge tool, without any recurring payments or subscriptions. This ensures seamless betting and trading activity over the years, with the lifetime license providing uninterrupted, infinite access to software upgrades🔄, new features and improvements🆕.

To run SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 Pro this awesome Automated In-Play Betting Football Bot you need:
A Betfair Global Exchange Account – Mouse over here to see the authorised countries
A subscription to Betting Assistant (£6 per month)
A subscription to InplayTrading (From £18)


SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 Pro is an Automated In-play Betting Football Bot that uses soccer live data from InplayTRADING (shots on target, shots off target, corners, yellow cards, red cards, dangerous attacks, pressure index, etc.) to bet and trade AT YOUR BEHALF, on Betfair, 24/7 according to YOUR OWN SOCCER STRATEGIES! One of the new generation of betting bot, exclusive and ready-to-use.

Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro does not directly use the Betfair API but uses the COM connection of Betting Assistant (Gruss Software) to connect to your Betfair account. Thus, you have to subscribe to Betting Assistant (£6/month) to run it (i.e. to place the bets).

Inplaytrading (IPT) deliver live soccer data. Thus, you have to subscribe to Inplaytrading (from £18) to retrieve the data that is used by Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro.

As a new subscriber of Betting Assistant you can get a 30-day free trial with Gruss Software and we can sort a week trial out with IPT for ONLY £1 – (only valid coupled with Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro).


IPT Scanner and more

SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO uses IPT Scanner data (plus some additional options Bettingdev has added) to allow you to bet and trade In Play on Betfair (back/lay/cashout) using your own strategies or those of Inplaytrading or IPT users! Very powerful and exclusive, this soccer bot monitors most of the current games on Betfair!

Strategy Management

MULTI-BETS, MULTI-CONDITIONS AND MULTI-TIME! With SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO you can now manage your strategies in a super easy way in ONLY TWO steps: Definition and Actions.
Createmodifydelete or duplicate your own strategies by selecting from a bunch of criteria! 

Current Bets

The Current Bets option is a very useful feature of the bot that allows you to quickly see what games and bets (all placed, matched and unmatched) you’re currently involved with.

List Builder Module

With SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO you can create lists of countries and/or competitions on which you want to bet or not. Then, apply any list you have created to your strategies.

Settings Option

Set your betting options for additional markets, cashout, daily stop-win/lost. Configure also your e-mail option and receive a message each time a strategy places a new bet and/or a new account statement is recorded. You can stay fully updated with what’s going on in SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO!

Staking Plan Option

If you want to go to the next level, SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO includes 7 staking plans to couple with your strategies. From low risk Percentage staking plan to the high risk Pro staking plan. Each staking plan can be configured.

Betting History

Analyze your bets and use the data to improve your strategies by consulting your betting history and graphs. Export your results in Excel, send them by e-mail or print them.

Data Analysis

Deep analysis of your results! This awesome tool will be a precious help to refine your strategies with its pivot table coupled with A LOT OF filters!

Scheduled Games & My Picks

With SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO  (Scheduled Games) you can assign a specific strategy to each game (or remove any game).

My Picks is a module to check the current games assigned to each strategy. You can also follow the current score and best/worst profit/loss for each game.

And the big PLUS: The TEST MODE!

SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO is enriched with a revolutionary test mode!
Far from being a simple test mode, you can choose to launch each of your strategies in test mode or real mode at the same time!

Trailer Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro
How to link a strategy with a number of games?

And That’s Not All, SS2 Pro Includes Even More!

Valuable features and more functionality make us excited to bring Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro to our users and future users.
Check out a few of the criteria and bets you can apply them to. And there are plenty more, more than 150!

Why this friendly 24/7 set up and go Soccer Bot is exclusive?

Laurence Bettingdev
Posted by Laurence Bettingdev
February 23, 2021

SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO>The Master of Soccer Bot!

To run Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO you need: – A BETFAIR ACCOUNT (Free subscription) – A SUBSCRIPTION TO GRUSS SOFTWARE – Betting Assistant – (Free Trial) – A SUBSCRIPTION TO INPLAYTRADING (We can sort a week trial out with IPT for ONLY £1! Valid only coupled with Soccer Supervisor 2...

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Laurence Bettingdev
Posted by Laurence Bettingdev
October 11, 2019

Join our Official Facebook Group for Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO!

You are welcome to join us to the Official Facebook Group for Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO! The purpose of this group is to help one another get to know and understand Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro better, to provide guidance as we build our own strategies with Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro...

Read More
soccer supervisor 2 pro best than MarketFeeder
Laurence Bettingdev
Posted by Laurence Bettingdev
October 6, 2019


Occasionally, bettors have questions about our products. While we try to deal with all queries it is useful to respond to the more common ones by posting them in our blog – Section FAQ. If you have any questions about other products or services, feel free to ask us. We...

Read More


Create your own soccer strategies and make a long term profit with this awesome inplay soccer bot!


In-Play Soccer (Automatic Betting)


To run Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO you need:

This bot can run with all Betfair accounts in these countries: United Kingdom, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Faroe Islands, Finland, Gabon, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Saint Lucia, Seychelles, Slovakia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sultanate of Oman, Sweden, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, British, Vietnam.

Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro does not directly use the Betfair API but uses the COM connection of Betting Assistant (Gruss Software) to connect to your Betfair account, that’s why you have to subscribe to Betting Assistant.


Technical and Extra Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 2016 DC, Windows 2019 DC, Windows Server 2022
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (already included in Windows 7 and higher)
Processor: 1 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent
Memory: 2GB recommended
Disk Space Requirements: 50MB
Screen Resolution: 1280×720 (minimum)
Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro is intended for windows pc users, but no worries if you are macOS, iOS, Android or Linux user we recommend the use of our UK VPS to be able to run it.

Bot Features

Automated Betting 24/7
In-Play Betting
Full IPT Scanner Data and more
+150 criteria
SUPER Easy Strategy Management
Including IPT strategies ready made (+20)
Cash out Feature
Daily Profit/Loss
Statistics & Data Analysis
Betting History
Export Excel for future studies
Scheduled Games
E-mail Option
Dedicated Forum and Group
Guidance and help for strategies management provided by “Paul” our Soccer Expert



Bot Delivery

Downloadable after purchase.
Then, when you will execute for the first time the application, you will need to enter the activation key that you will receive after having sent the request by e-mail.


ONE licence = ONE computer
More if you have to change your PC or use a VPS, you have the possibility to transfer the Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro license to another computer without any fees.

"Bot Installation Help” service

Each license comes with a “bot installation help” service if needed.  The installation procedure is very easy and the different steps are indicated in our user guide. However, if you need help installing the bot, our team will be available to assist for free!

Technical Support

Included support throughout your chosen subscription period or 6 months if you’ve purchased a lifetime license.



VPS Information

If your personal computer has the necessary requirements you can run Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro with it. But for a better use of the bot we advise the use of our Betting UK VPS “Standard Plan”. All our UK VPS are configured for a betting use and we take care of everything: set up Gruss + Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro.
If Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro is installed on our VPS, any intervention for a technical problem will be FREE.

However if you run it on a VPS to another provider, if you have a technical issue and want our intervention, a fee of £30 will be charged.

Payment Method

Paypal – If you want to pay with debit/credit card please contact us.


Version (released on 31/07/2023)


🎲 New market conditions options have been added to betting systems for Over/Under 0.5 goals:
— 🕐 Pre-Game – Under 0.5 Goals Odds
— 🕐 Pre-Game – Over 0.5 Goals Odds
— 🔄 Current Odds – Under 0.5 Goals
— 🔄 Current Odds – Over 0.5 Goals
🔄 PI3 integration has been updated. Changes include the main screen and a new condition in the betting system (Statistics – Pressure Index 3).
📊 The Filters window has been updated, and it now includes additions of pressure index 2 and 3.


🚫 The bug that caused staking plans to malfunction in the testing mode has been fixed. The bot previously didn’t wait for the outcome of the previous bet before placing a new one.
🐞 A bug associated with the Over/Under pre-game odds conditions has been fixed.
🏠🚀 Fixed bug where the Last Time Goal (Home/Away) were not being displayed.
🐜 Several minor bugs have also been addressed and resolved.

Version (released on 28/11/2022)
Database optimization
Version (released on 26/03/2022)
Fixed bug where opening the List Builder crashed the application (since last update)
Version (released on 02/09/2021)
– Fixed bug where a strategy might not be executed during a game if the bot had previously attempted to place a bet while the market was suspended.
– Fixed bug where no message appeared if you had not a valid IPT subscription when turning on the bot (it only checked before if you had a valid account, no data displayed).
Version (released on 23/08/2021)
– Minor fixes.
Version (released on 13/07/2021)
– Fixed bug where Home statistics did not appear when exporting the Betting History to Excel.
Version (released on 10/07/2021)
– Fixed bug where the IPT statistics displayed in the Betting History module were the “Home” statistics instead of the “Total” statistics (home+away).
– Fixed bug where “+++” was displayed in the “Stake Matched” column in the Betting History module when the value was not an integer.
Version (released on 10/03/2021)
Fixed bug where the combo box “Bet stake” only included the values 9,999 (Strategies module).
Version (released on 09/03/2021)
– Fixed bug where SS2 Pro freezed after a few hours of use
– Improved performance (faster execution) of Strategies and List Builder modules
– Time range has been added to the Betting History module, so that you can visualize/delete a specific bets range
– New option in Settings module that allow users to login using an inplaytrading.com or drtinplaystats.com account
– Bet stake limitation increased to 9999
After installation, you must go to the settings module in SS2 Pro and click “Validate” to save the website used to get the data (inplaytrading.com by default).
Version (01/02/2021)
Fixed bug:
– Due to a bug in the latest version of Betting Assistant (v., all the bets in real mode had no bet references (“No Bet ref”).
The P/L and Betting History no longer worked as well as the cash out bets/linked bets. (13.01.2021)
Fixes the issue with the new version of Betting Assistant (v.
– Penalties and free-kicks have been removed from SS2 Pro as IPT no longer provide this data.
– SS2 Pro engine has been improved.

13 reviews for SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 Pro

1-13 of 13 reviews
  1. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Can’t get my head around this yet , so the jury is out . Similar comments to Malbot regarding functional set up.

    (0) (0)
  2. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The Bot isnt working with its complete, promised functionallity. I am not able to test it on half time markets, what I already opened a ticket for. Still not resolved…

    (0) (0)
    • Gabot, the bug has been fixed for several weeks by our Technical Team. We asked for your feedback on this fix which we never got. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Does not open in windows 7

    (0) (0)
    • *As indicated in the technical requirements, it is recommended to use Windows 10, Windows 2016 DC or Windows 2019 DC to run our bots.
      Furthermore, you have not sent any message to our technical support to ask for help. We could have helped you to install it, all our bots come with the “Bot Installation Help” service even if it was during the FREE 3-day trial.*

  4. It’s the best program for betors I have ever seen.
    There are some things which need to be tested developed and discussed.

    (0) (0)
  5. Absolutely amazing piece of kit, a work of beauty. I am like a kid with a new toy setting up new strategies and watching the results. It’s very clear from using the software that the developers have put in a lot of time and effort to produce a tool to make it as easy as possible to profit from Betfair.

    Two wishes
    1. I wish you could you make the same software for Bet365
    2. I wish I had found this software a few years ago, I can’t believe I only found it last week – I blame the developers – they have clearly put all their time into developing this wonderful product that marketing of this product has taken second base.

    This is the right way things should be done however, as I have purchased far too many products in the past where the marketing has been fantastic only to purchase the product and be disappointed.

    If you are reading this and spend a lot of time on Betfair, you need this software in your life, it will save you time and will make you money (if you test your strategies before going live).

    (1) (0)
  6. Very impressed with the bot! Having traded for some time, the frustrating thing with some other software is its inability to talk to IPT and then trigger bets accordingly. Once you are happy with your strategy you can simply use SS2 to do that for you, whilst you go off to work or sleep.

    (0) (0)
  7. I’ve only used the Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro 7 day trial , and as such can only use one strategy. The strategy I chose has so far, won me £54 to £1 stakes! I cannot wait for the full version in2 days time. You just have to buy this magical piece of software

    (0) (0)
  8. Hi Guys, Looking really good, can see all the hard work that has gone into Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro. Thanks again.

    (0) (0)
  9. I am VERY impressed with the setting up withing the product. Menus etc and options. It does exactly what I’ve needed for years to run my strategies automatically.
    Selecting particular leagues, and being able to do the trade in stages are the two key factors there.
    All the best. And a massive thumbs up to SS2 in general.

    (0) (0)
  10. SS2 Pro looks impressive, love the Statistics drop down box and filtering on main screen! Thanks!

    (0) (0)
  11. I have had Soccer Supervisor less than a week, though minor teething problems to start with which was easily resolve by myself and having emailing Paul who has always responded within minutes of my questions, many thanks for his prompt help and support!
    So far having only had the time to test the in-build strategies, first impression of a fantastic piece of software, coming from using Marketfeeder Pro, (also Geeks Toy & Bet Angel) I know all the software capabilities and limitations.
    As I only like to trade in the football market , this is the only software I will probably use now, what has won this for me is multiple strategies all fully automated, I have some some strats in mind to be setup soon, I can finally have some of my time back in the evenings and weekend and leave this running!

    (1) (0)
  12. I’m really impressed with how SS (Soccer Supervisor) works. I’ve been a subscriber to IPT since the start but I don’t have the time work it to it’s full potential. I’ve several favourite strats I use which I’ve been able to setup on SS (Soccer Supervisor) no problem. I particularly like the stats section. I’m not organised enough to track my bets, I usually just have a feel for what works. Now I can see at a glance what does and does not work, enabling me to tweak or ditch.
    Regardless technical support; very good. The speed you got the updates out after the release was a credit to you.
    Overall I would say this is probably one of the best gambling software purchases I’ve made (and I’ve tried a few!).
    Keep up the good work. Once I’m happy with my strats I will look at your Spikeybot. Thanks.

    (0) (0)
  13. So far the soccer supervisor bot has been nothing short of awesome. It’s been running 1 week on my VPS now and while I was a little over eager at the beginning and selected too many strategies that conflicted each other, laying and backing at different times, I am now showing over £1100 profit from £2 per unit stake.
    Included in there was the set up and go which netted a £647 win on a 1-2 correct score at 85.0 odds!
    Technical support (thanks Clint!) has been exceptional. Helped me get set up on the VPS in no time and always on hand to help. Highly recommended! Thanks

    (0) (0)
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I am interesting in buying a annual license? Is your bots will run with a Romanian Betfair account?

Yes, all our bots can run with all Betfair accounts in these countries: United Kingdom | Andorra | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Azerbaijan | Bahamas | Barbados | Belarus | Bermuda | Bolivia | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Botswana | Brazil | Burundi | Cambodia | Cayman Islands | Chile | Costa Rica | Croatia | Denmark | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Egypt | El Salvador | Equatorial Guinea | Faroe Islands | Finland | Gabon | Gibraltar | Guatemala | Honduras | Hungary | Iceland | Indonesia | Ireland | Ivory Coast | Jamaica | Japan | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Latvia | Lebanon | Liberia | Liechtenstein | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Malta | Mauritius | Mexico | Moldova | Monaco | Mongolia | Montenegro | Morocco | Nepal | Netherlands Antilles | New Zealand | Nicaragua | Nigeria | Norway | Pakistan | Panama | Paraguay | Peru | Philippines | Romania | Saint Lucia | Seychelles | Slovakia | South Korea | Sri Lanka | Sultanate of Oman | Sweden | Thailand | Trinidad and Tobago | Tunisia | Turkmenistan | Ukraine | Uruguay | Uzbekistan | Venezuela | Virgin Islands, British | Vietnam.

Can I manually select my own football games to do my strategies?

Yes, you can do it with “Schedule Games” module.

Can you help set up my chosen strategies if I dont know how to do them?

Sure, we can help you to set up your strategies. When you need help just contact us and ask us.

I have an issue when I launch my bot

If you have any issue when launching the software, follow these steps:

Close the bot,
Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistribuable Package (x86) and launch it,
Select “Install” or “Repair”,
Relaunch the bot.

How to ask for my product key?

Once the bot is installed, you can ask for the product key through the bot or you can send us your first, last names and ID number you have registered at support@bettingdev.com

Find out more here!

I have the following message when using SS2 Pro: “The bot cannot retrieve Inplaytrading data!”

This happens in two different cases:

  • If you have some problems with the .NET Framework, in this case the best solution is to execute this tool from Microsoft to try to repair it:
    After that, reboot your computer and follow the step 3, then relaunch the bot.
  • If you are connected more than twice to IPT data.
    This happens if you are using SS2Pro, and if you are also connected twice to Inplaytrading website (from the same computer or any other devices like a tablet or a smartphone.
    In this case, the bot will be disconnected from IPT, and it will no longer work until you turn it off and then turn it on again.

Each time I open SS2 Pro, it asks for the Software Key

You must install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86).
If you still have the same issue, this means that the .ini file of SS2 Pro is probably corrupted. In this case, simply delete the file named “supervisor.ini” that you will find in the folder:
Note that the folder “AppData” is a hidden folder. Also if you are using SS2 Pro on your own computer, the folder “Administrator“ could be different.

When I turn on the bot, no games are displayed AND the schedules games table is empty.

Close the bot and download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) from this link and install the package.
Then restart the bot and try again.

After having installed SS2 Pro, when I try to launch the application, it crashes immediately.

This is due to the fact that you have not installed Betting Assistant. Betting Assistant must be installed before to launch SS2 Pro, and Betting Assistant must be launched before to turn on the bot.

When I execute the installation file, nothing happens!

Windows 7 and 8 could block the execution of the installation as the file comes from Internet.
To bypass this issue, you need to unlock the file:
Right-click the file
Click “Properties”
Go to the “General” tab
Click on “Unlock file”
Click OK
Re-execute the installation file.

When I try to send the request for the activation key, nothing happens!

If you face any problems by sending the request, just open a ticket with the data displayed on the software activation window (first/last names, serial number).

My computer is freezing when I use Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro

This could be due to your computer configuration, please make sure that you have all the system requirements.

Generally speaking, for a better use of the bot we advise the use of our UK VPS.

A VPS will ensure a best internet connection (fastest, no interruption, etc), and most of the time a powerful configuration. Also, using a VPS means that you no longer need to keep your computer turned on 24 hours a day!

For the previous reasons, we strongly advise against using a laptop to use your Bot!

How many computers can I install my Bot on?

You can install and run the bot on 1 computer at any one time.

One licence = One computer

I would like to run SS2 Pro 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but I don’t want to leave my computer on all the day, do you have a solution for me?

Yes, Bettingdev UK VPS allow you to keep running SS2 Pro on our virtual servers from anywhere in the world. Everything is configured and installed by our technical staff.
Find out more here.

How to contact the Technical Support?

  • If you want to report a bug, the best way is to click on the button “?” in SS2 Pro, then select “Contact the Technical Support”. A windows opens, enter your message, attach a screenshot if necessary, and select the options “Debugging files”, “Settings file” and others like “Strategies file” if your issue is linked to a specific strategy for example.
  • If you have a technical questions about the bot, the fastest way is to post a message in our forum here.

Is there a forum where I can communicate with other users?

Yes, if you need advices for strategies (help from other users) follow this link.
And you can also post your suggestions by following this link.

Take a look at the documentation HERE!
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