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WRS37 – Winning Roulette Software

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Winning Roulette Software (WRS37) ISN’T JUST SOFTWARE—it’s your secret weapon!

🚀Powered by a groundbreaking algorithm analyzing 27 unique criteria, it’s designed for those who don’t just play but play to win🎯

Forget automation; this is about strategy, immersion, and taking control. With 8 dynamic bet types and 4 tailored betting modes, paired with our exclusive parlay system, you’re not just playing; you’re dominating🥇

Experience the edge that sets you apart from the rest!

Curious for more? 👇 Scroll down to the ‘Description’ section and uncover the full power of WRS37!

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What’s included?

→ Lifetime License
→ Future updates
→ “Software Installation Help” service
→ 6 months of Technical Support


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WRS37 (Winning Roulette Software)

Fully integrated software where both calculation and action take place at the same time.

Winning Roulette Software - WRS37

Main Principle

WRS37, built on 27 intricate selection criteria, is crafted to provide a long-term advantage over the casino using flat stakes. While our system consistently applies the same stake to each spin selection, it steers clear of the risky Martingale method, which can swiftly deplete your bankroll and lead to financial disaster.

How It Works

At the start of each session, the program requires 38 results/spins to have all selection criteria ready. You must enter the last 38 results manually or import them, and you must also provide information about the direction of the last number (CW or CCW), select your Bet Type and your Mode. After this initialization, it predicts continuously with each spin. With 27 different criteria, when 2 or more criteria indicate the same prediction/number, it becomes a selection. On average, there are about 13 selections per spin (though you can set a limit).

What Can You Expect from WRS37?

No system is perfect. If there were such a system, casinos would either go bankrupt or change the rules. WRS37 aims to help you win more often than you lose, but this requires strict discipline on your part.

A daily profit of 2.5-5% of your capital is a reasonable expectation. However, you won’t win every day, and you must be ready for some losses.

It’s crucial to recognize when to cut your losses and act accordingly. That’s why we’ve incorporated stop-win and stop-loss options in WRS37. We strongly recommend using them, especially the stop-loss option (ideally set slightly below the stop-win value).

Play as few betting sequences as possible. Once you’ve reached your daily profit target, stop. No matter your strategy, endless winning isn’t feasible. Avoid excessive greed and never chase losses.

Some Technical Aspects…

The application is designed to simplify your betting sessions. With this in mind, we wanted to ensure that you could bet on your favorite roulette website without the need for multiple screens or the “ALT+Tab” keys to switch between the roulette and the software to enter your desired selections. That’s why we’ve ensured the main screen remains visible above your roulette webpage.
Additionally, with the voice option (available in 3 different languages), you can enter the different combinations to be played in just a few seconds without having to take your eyes off the roulette. This greatly reduces the risk of typing errors.


Note the last 38 Numbers Drawn


Select your Bet Type


Select your Mode


And let WRS37 guide you!

WRS37 is designed to be used with European Roulettes or variants, with a single "0" and a wheel throw in both directions.

European Roulette is undoubtedly the most emblematic game in the casino universe because thanks to its unique “0” it optimizes your chances of winnings unlike American Roulette which has an extra “00”.

Winning Roulette Software - Features

MAIN INTERFACE – It is divided into 3 different blocks:

Account, Strategy and Live Session

Winning Roulette Software - Main Interface WRS37


  • The “Initial Balance” field should be verified and updated before each session to reflect your current balance or the amount allocated for roulette.
  • Highest Balance” shows your peak balance. The “Reset” button sets this back to the “Initial balance” value.
  • Spin” counts the results entered and resets when a new highest balance is achieved.
  • Direction” indicates the roulette wheel’s rotation: CW for clockwise and CCW for counterclockwise.
  • Data History” button reveals betting history and bet data analysis.

Most fields update automatically during sessions as new results are entered.


  • Bets” and “Mode” display the Bet Type and Betting System chosen in the “Settings” module.
  • Two primary fields for each session:
    1. “1 – Bet x on…” shows the selections to bet on. If none, “No bet to place” is shown. Selections are generated after entering the previous spin’s outcome.
    2. “2 – Enter the outcome” is for inputting wheel outcomes, not bet results. For instance, if advised to bet on red and number 21 appears, enter 21, not red.
  • WRS37’s Voice option lets users audibly hear selections (numbers only) in their language, especially handy for numerous bets.


  • Stats” button shows current session statistics including criteria, numbers, profit/loss, and a graph.
  • Reset” button clears all current stats and results.
  • LAST RESULTS” showcases the most recent 100 outcomes.
  • The download button lets you import the initial 38 results from a text file and requires the last number’s direction (CW or CCW).

Select the Bet Types, Voice Speed and Strategy you want to. Set your Session Time Limit and your Unit Stake.

Winning Roulette Software - Settings WRS37

Session Time Limit

You can opt not to set a session time limit by entering 00:00. However, it’s recommended to set a limit for better effectiveness as a player. While the software won’t stop after the set time, a timer will appear on a red background in the bottom right of the main window:

Unit Stake

One of the many reasons why people lose money is because they have a too small bankroll to see then through the bad runs. It is therefore very important to define the correct stake you are going to bet with.

Your unit stake must be calculated according to 2 criteria: your bankroll (named “Initial Balance” in the main screen of WRS37) and the type of bet you wish to use.

It is commonly said that the bankroll must be between 40 to 80 times your largest bet. Now, let’s assume that you have a bankroll equal to 1,000.

Using an average of 60 times your largest bet, your unit stake should be:

  • If you bet on only one bet (e.g. Num. One OR Red/Black OR …):
    • Unit Stake = (Bankroll/60) = 1000/60 = 16.66 ~= 15
    • You can set your unit stake to 15 (of course you can enter a lower value)
  • If you bet on several bets (e.g. Red/Black AND 1-18/19-36 AND …):
    • Unit Stake = (Bankroll/(60*Number of Bets))
    • With 2 bets, the unit stake should be equal or less than 1000/(60*2) = 8.33 ~= 8
    • In case you select the bet “Num. (Group)”, the maximum number of bets can be 26
    • So, the maximum unit stake should be equal to 1000/(60*26) = 0.64 ~= 0.5

Bet Types

WRS37 includes 8 different types of bets.

The set of bets is derived from the first bet type “Num. (Group)”. For example, if you choose “Red/Black”, the software first calculates all the predictions for the 27 criteria, and then according to the number of “black” and “red” numbers predicted, it selects Red or Black.

You can combine from 1 to 7 bets. The “Num. (Group)” bet cannot be combined with any other bet.

Betting Mode

The choice of the betting mode depends on the bets type(s) selected.

  • WRS37 Full Mode:
     Only available with “Num. (Group)”
     All selections to bet
  •  WRS37 Single Bet Mode:
     Only available when you select one bet type
     One selection to bet
  • WRS37 Multiple Bet Mode – All Bets:
     Only available when you select at least two bet types
     All selections to bet
  • WRS37 Multiple Bet Mode – Single Shot:
     Only available when you select at least two bet types
     One selection to bet

Bet Limit

The bet limit is only available with Winning Roulette Software – WRS37 Full Mode.

This allows you to limit the number of numbers to bet. This option is very useful if the roulette table you are using does not allow you to enter all the numbers in the time allowed before the new spin (which can be the case if you do not have at least 30 seconds between each spin).

You can for example choose to bet on a maximum of 10 or 20 numbers. WRS37 selects them in order of preference by the most successful criterion, the criterion that most recently won, then the number that most recently won.

Parlay System

The Parlay system is the best staking system that can be used when playing at the roulette. It depends on the bets rising on a win and being reduced on a loss. The beauty of this system is that you are playing with winnings and gearing them up to provide plenty of profit to cover the bad days when you never get moving with too many losing but level bets. This option can be enabled or disabled.

A stake limit has been added to prevent from losing all your winnings if you hit a losing run.

Other settings

  • “Ask for confirmation before validating an outcome”:
     Check this box you wish to have a confirmation message each time you enter a new number (this is to avoid any typing errors).
  • “If 0 strikes, you only lose half your bet on even chance positions”
     This rule is only available when you bet on Red/Black, Even/Odd or 1-18/19-36.
     Check the rules of the roulette table and tick this option if it offers it (often proposed in European Roulettes).

Analyze your bets and use the data to improve your results by consulting your betting history.

All the results of Winning Roulette Software – WRS37 selections are stored here. You can filter the data by specific or by predefined date range and you can print or export them to Excel for example. It is also possible to delete all this data with a single click.

Winning Roulette Software - WRS37 Betting History

Deep analysis of your results! This awesome tool will be a precious help to refine your strategies with its pivot table coupled with filters!

Analyse the results of all your bets, per year, quarter, month, and also by strategy!

These are two great tools to have an overview of all your strategies, and to see at a glance which one needs improvement, and which ones are working fine!


Winning Roulette Software - Statistics_Data Analysis

The 27 criteria for the current session are continuously updated following results.

Winning Roulette Software - Statistics 27 criteria WRS37

Statistics of drawn and undrawn numbers as well as option betting for the current session.

Winning Roulette Software - Statistics numbers WRS37

Profit/Loss by Numbers and Betting Options for the current session

Winning Roulette Software - Statistics profitoss-WRS37

At a glance, you can follow the evolution of your profit/loss by spin with a graphical representation.

Winning Roulette Software - WRS37 Graph
Video Tutorial WRS37 (Winning Roulette Software)
Current Version



European Roulette and variants


English, French and Spanish


You can install and run ONE Software on ONE computer at any one time.

Technical Support

6 months included.



Software delivery

After having downloaded WRS37 via the web link you received by email, launch the file called “WRS37_Setup_xxx.exe”, and follow the instructions as they appear to complete the installation.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 2016 DC, Windows 2019 DC, Windows Server 2022
WRS37 doesn’t work under Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iPhone. To overcome this restriction, we advise you to use a VPS to be able to use it.


1 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent

Memory RAM

1 GB

Disk Space Requirements


Screen Resolution

1280×720 (minimum)


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Which roulette can I play on with WRS37?

WRS37 is designed to be used with European Roulette and variants, at a live casino with a real dealer.
NEVER play with RNG (a Random Number Generator) or Electronic Airball Roulette.

Can I note down all the numbers in time?

Definitely! With WRS37’s pinning system, which ensures the best visual placement on any live casino site,  combined with its vocal number feature, you can remain attentive to the grid and concentrate on noting the numbers.

How many languages the software includes and what are they?

WRS37 is available in 3 languages that are: English, Spanish and French.

Which casino should I choose?

We do not promote any particular casino by taking you to sites recommended by affiliate links, but we do want to give you some tips to help you sort through all the LIVE Casinos.

First of all, don’t confuse LIVE Casino with ONLINE Casino. The main distinction between a LIVE Casino and an ONLINE Casino is that the first one is a real casino with live dealers, and the latter is a game built around aRandom Number Generator (RNG) which actually uses very complex algorithms programmed to make you lose.

There are many LIVE casino sites on the internet and, of course, not all of them are the same. Almost all thebookmakers and Betting Exchanges now provide a Live Casino section (bet365, betfair, etc), they are sure and you can bet on same with confidence as long as they are licensed in your country.

WRS37 can be used on most of them provided that their roulette matches the following criteria:

  • The roulette spins alternatively in both directions (CW and CCW),
  • The roulette has a single “0”,
  •  The roulette wheel is spun by a real dealer.

Other websites only provide casinos games. Some are high quality with a very large choice of roulettes (Dublinbet is one of the most well-known and certainly one of the best in this category), while others offer very average service, and some are even pure scams! So you should choose carefully where you want to play roulette. There are a few simple tips to help you do this.

What are the security guarantees to check?
Be sure to choose a reputable and honest roulette site. To help you choose just remember that countries like
Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, the UK, Isle of Man, Denmark, Italy and France have very strict laws regulating online gambling. You can be pretty sure that you are safe every time you choose one of the live casino sites that they approve. If the site has no license, then avoid it! If on the contrary you realize that it has several and from several different countries, this is a stronger guarantee of security.

LIVE casinos that have been around for many years can be considered as having broad shoulders and history
which makes them that bit more trustworthy. However, new ones appear regularly, which does not necessarily mean that they are not trusted on this basis if they satisfy other criteria.

Take a look at the different tables available in the LIVE casino (keep in mind that WRS37 only works withEuropean Roulettes or variants, with a single “0” and a wheel throw in both directions) and choose a table
where you will feel comfortable, both because of the players that populate it, or their absence. The gameexperience tends to be more satisfying where the dealer executes his throws presents as smiling, courteous and pleasant.

Also, choose casinos that offer minimum bets. Some bets start as low as 10 cents. This allows you to start with small bets and it is great in helping you learn the game!

Check the payment options before you make your first deposit. Make sure you can also withdraw your winnings and check the withdrawal times. It would be a shame not to be able to withdraw all the money you’ve won and when you want to!
LIVE casino support must also be impeccable with a 24/7 service and chat available with operators who respond in a concise and operational manner. LIVE casino should mean Live Chat Support available at all times.

The welcome bonus will also help you in your choice and will allow you to try several LIVE casinos on their welcome and second deposit offer, reducing risk, especially in your novice period.

The LIVE casino should also offer a lot of games and the registration process should be simple. It must go to the essentials, be rich in games and promotions.

Every LIVE casino with real money has terms and conditions that you should read carefully before depositing your money. If there are any points that seem unclear to you, do not hesitate to contact them. Any reputable casino will be happy to answer and clarify any points that you feel are unclear.

Once the casino(s) you’ve chosen has successfully passed all these checkpoints, all you have to do is enjoy the joys of roulette!

And it is easy to forget that, on your part, you should bear in mind that you need a high-speed internet connection to play with the best conditions at LIVE casinos.

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