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This edition of my Blog will feature some of my successes using various Bettingdev tools and demonstrate the effectiveness of GH Best Times for profitable betting.

Profit from this Blog:
Today I will show you a simple way to make a steady income from just one of the Bettingdev products – GH Best Times highlighting a pathway to profitable betting through detailed analysis and strategic selection.

The GH Times program saves 47 columns of criteria for all dogs entered in Greyhound races in GB and Ire each day and then on the following day or later I can click on the program button which will load the BSP (Betfair Starting Price) for each dog and show the Winner and Placegetters.
I have a little Excel macro that then transfers all that data into an Excel file. Here is a sample of the last few columns.

My macro picks up the GH Times file, which is auto saved to my computer, for the Date that I set and writes it into my Excel spreadsheet GHDBBSP.xlsm on worksheet GHDB with full formatting. I use another macro to transfer the new data to another worksheet called DBBARE (Data Base Bare) in which I have removed the formatting for calculating speed purposes.

On this sheet I use the standard Excel Data Advanced Filter where I have the List Range in cells $A$7:$AT$999996 and the Criteria Range in cells $A$1:$AT$2 and the output fills the cells below $AZ$7:$CS$7.

Now, with a couple of mouse clicks or using a macro button I can search any or all 47 columns of criteria and with several Cells set up under $AU$1:$AZ$1 I can get the results summary of each search run and save them to a new Results worksheet for later perusal and comparison. Currently I am only using GB GH races.

There are many combinations of criteria that will show a profit on your Bets during my collection time period but we want those that will continue to profit in the future. One of those little profit niches is to follow particularly successful Trainers, on the basis that they have shown their skills to prepare and race their dogs and we expect them to continue to improve or maintain their success for profitable betting.

Of course, they will all have waves of success but two that have been very consistent profit makers are: C Fereday and M Locke. Let me show you the results of C Fereday at all Tracks in GB…..

So, he/she raced 1134 dogs in that period and they showed a Profit On Turnover of 31.0%. I would expect that profit to continue from that Trainer in 2024 although January 2024 showed a small loss when looking at every dog raced by Fereday….

Not to worry, there are plenty more profitable Trainers in my little collection let’s look at the results for Trainer M Locke in GB over my full DB to 01Feb2024…

And how did Trainer M Locke do for January 2024?……

Not quite up to their long term result but a 16.1 ROI% – Nice!
Now, how would you do if you only backed M Locke in January when their dog was also the top rated on both Split Times and Race Time?

A whopping 222.4% ROI! 🚀💰 And we only outlaid our stake on 7 bets for the month.
There are 12 profitable Trainers in GB who have each had more than 1,000 starters in the six months time frame of my DBase.

Betfair field on 22 tracks in GB and a quick run though the database shows us which are the most profitable tracks to be concentrating our activities on.
Selecting CRAYFORD as one of these shows us….


But of the three distances raced at Crayford 714metres is the poorest result so just concentrating on races over 380 or 540 metres we can then check the Trap/Box performances and we find #1 and #2 produce the best results at the Crayford track.

We now know that our lowest risk and highest profit will come from successful Trainers so we run all the Crayford Trainers and we find that from Trap/Box #1 or #2 over those two shorter distances we have six very successful Trainers.

For January 2024 J Liles is in 6th position and there are five more profitable trainers at Crayford with a total Win Profit of $213.56 for Jan. 2024 from 163 bets.

That brief run through provides you with a tiny insight into the capabilities of GH Best Times for profitable betting and it is only one of the many great value Betting Dev tools available.

Remember, Gamble Responsibly and enjoy the thrill of winning with us!

The advice and information in this Blog is believed to be accurate and reliable but no warranty is given and no responsibility arising in any way from errors, omissions, use of information or implications made in this Blog is accepted.
Mike McBain


  1. Keith Kerrison

    Adding the daily files to an existing database is not too onerous a task when done on a daily basis. I purchased the Results File, which is for races back to March 2023, expecting a single database file but receiving a separate file for each day. Using some VBA I can combine the files but there have been several changes to the daily files since March 2023 that have, to date, gradually added an additional 15 columns to the file when further information is provided. The output is therefore not consistent and a large amount of work will have to be done in order to create a workable database that can be filtered for, as an example, Trainer’s names.

    • Laurence Bettingdev

      Dear Keith,

      I understand you were expecting a combined dataset in a single Excel file, rather than individual files for each day. Our current offering, as detailed on our website, provides access to the full suite of GH Best Times Excel files in their original format. This design ensures that users can seamlessly load these files into GH Best Times.

      However, we truly appreciate your feedback and recognize the value in your request for a more consolidated data solution. I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding your suggestion to our development team for consideration in our future updates. We are always looking for ways to enhance our services and better meet the needs of our users.

      Should there be any changes or new features introduced based on your suggestion, we will certainly keep you informed. In the meantime, if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you for choosing GH Best Times, and for your valuable feedback.

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