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Not everyone knows about Horse Racing Bots, so here’s the story.

A Horse Racing Bot is a short program that works for you on a betting exchange such as Betfair. The value of a Horse Racing Bot is that it will work far better than we can: tirelessly (24/7), quickly (it acts instantly when conditions are right), accurately (it can perform complex calculations) and so it is unthinkable not to consider using one.

Say, you have a system but can’t afford to spend all day in front of your screen waiting for the right conditions. Now, your system might rely on the prices in both the win and the place markets. How do you watch both and do the sums? You might even only want to bet on value, so you need a particular price. The facts are, you are not looking at the truth when you see a Betfair price! Not that Betfair are doing anything wrong. Prices change all the time but your screen has a relatively slow refresh rate so any screen price you see could well be long gone. You can see that you need a Horse Racing Bot which will catch that price if it is available. The good news is that you can build your own bot. People like Bettingdev will help you do this.

That said, you can also buy one that is probably going to be more powerful and sophisticated, like, Malbot. Many punters spend hours reading form guides in the belief they will ultimately find the winners. Well good on them and bless their work but they are left scratching their heads when a horse with no form wins a race at big odds. A Horse Racing Bot like Malbot may find this winner. You see, Betfair is just one big form guide with all the form punters, owners, trainers, casual punters and professionals all voting on who the winner might be.

So let’s say a trainer waves his magic wand so that their horse with no form suddenly improves out of sight. The chances are the trainer and the horse’s connections, knowing something the rest of us don’t know, will be on Betfair with the aim of making hay and this will influence the price, bringing it down. This is what Malbot is designed to find. Malbot scans the market and looks for these opportunities. We are looking for races where there are price movements down, where the weight of money influences the price lower than was initially available. In scientific words: anomalies that betray the fact that someone somewhere has knowledge. You see, the form punters and all the others will cast their vote, and we can automatically take advantage of these movements. Malbot also bets to strict rules so it doesn’t get distracted by kneejerk reactions to a loss or a big win. Malbot just places the bets according to the parameters set. We never worry about a form guide, the rider or the draw.

The overall market movements are our guide to finding a consistent logical approach to our selection process and betting strategy and Malbot does both.

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