Competition Calendar
– The competition will open on November 20, 2022 at 9 a.m. and will close on December 18, 2022 at 2.55 p.m.

Conditions of participation
– This competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 registered on
– You must read and accept the rules and conditions of participation in the contest. 
– We reserve the right to cease, interrupt or extend, shorten or modify the contest and its consequences at any time if circumstances so require and without any compensation being payable by the participants. It reserves in all cases the right to extend the participation period.

The competition has several prizes which are:
– First prize: 1 Gold Plan x3 Months + Betting systems package (14 PDF) + 1 Sportune + Official Ball AL RIHLA LEAGUE WC QATAR 2022 (£870)
– Second prize: 1 One bot plan x3 Months + Betting Systems package (14 PDF) + 1 Spikey Soccer (£590)
– Third prize: 1 Jumbo plan x3 Months + 1 year SS2 Pro (£240)
– Fourth prize: 1 Standard plan x6 Months (£160)
– Fifth prize: Betting systems package (14 PDF) (£139)
– Sixth prize: 3 months of PMT subscription (£106)
– Seventh prize: 3 months IPT subscription (£89)
– Eight prize: 1 year subscription to Gruss (£60)
– Ninth prize: 1 Profit Simulator (£20)
– Tenth prize: 2 World Cup books (£17) (“World Cup Greatest Matches: From the Tragedy of the Maracanã to the Fall of the Spanish Dynasty via The Hand of God” and “The Unofficial World Cup Album: A Poorly Illustrated Incomplete History”)
– Prize 11 to 20: 30€ off coupon
– Prize 21 to 30: 20€ off coupon
– Prize 31 to 40: 10€ off coupon
– Prize 41 to 50: 5€ off coupon

The prizes are neither exchangeable nor refundable for their value in currency; the currency of any kind, may not be paid out under any circumstances.
The list of winners will be published on our website. Only the first name and first letter of the surname will be displayed.
For the prizes to be awarded to the winners, the said participant must have predicted at least half of the matches.

Predicting matches
The aim of the competition is to predict the final score of all matches in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 competition and earn extra points by answering bonus questions. You have until five minutes before the start of the match to make (or change) your predictions
The server time is used. No discussion about this, so be on time if you want to fill in your scores.
From 30 minutes after the end of the matches, the results of the matches and questions, and the corresponding points for each participant will be displayed on the website. At the end of the match or matches of the day, the matches of the next day will be available within 20 minutes.

Bonus questions
You can earn extra points during the competition by answering bonus questions. You have until five minutes before the start of the match to answer to the questions. Each question indicates the points you can earn.

In the group phase, the scores at the end of the game are used to calculate the points. In the final stages, the score at the end of the game, excluding extra time, is used. Goals in a penalty shootout are not taken into account. You get points for correctly predicting the winner of the match or the draw. This is called the toto score. If you also predict the exact number of goals scored, you get extra points. This is what we call the total score.
You win 5 points for getting found the exact outcome of a match (total score).
You win 3 points for guessing the outcome of a match (win, loss or draw) without also getting the exact amount of goals (toto score).

The multiplier
Each participant has a multiplier per day. To activate it, just click on the ball in the desired match. If you activate a multiplier on a match, the score of this match is multiplied by 2. You can activate the multiplier on the match of their choice and you can change your mind up to 5 minutes before the match starts. The multiplier is activated once the prediction for the match is locked.

Same ranking?
When several participants have exactly the same number of points, the following sorting rules are applied to the ranking (most important one on top):

– Number of total scores
– Number of toto scores
– Number of correct bonus questions.

Participation in the competition implies the full acceptance of these rules and the principles of the competition by the candidates.ti

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