Soccer Bot: the next generation (Soccer Supervisor)

First there were betting exchanges that allowed the bettor to bypass the bookie; almost simultaneously came the ability to bet more widely in-play.

Serious traders quickly recognised the value of using bots. A football game might last 90 minutes but it is often difficult to get a bet on to take advantage of particular situations. One solution is a soccer bot that can be set up to trigger according to rules set by the bettor.

All well and good but the reality is that games can be very fluid and the simple soccer bot, extremely useful though it is, generally focuses on particular snapshots as the game unfolds. Hard to see a way forward but when we at Bettingdev (our speciality is creation of bots of all kinds, including soccer bots) teamed up with InPlayTrading (who are specialists with in-play data) the way was clear. The result is a new generation soccer bot we call “Soccer Supervisor“.

And WOW! It is a soccer bot and then some. Generally the data most bettors use is historical. For example, if they are looking at a match between two defensive teams in mid table it is a pretty good bet they will not be looking at high scores. Then, if they are actually watching the match, they might notice that the home team seems to have more possession and may be more likely to score. To say they “notice” might be a bit strong, it is likely to be a feeling without a strong foundation in reality. Here’s where “Soccer Supervisor” comes in for in-play trading: it gives you the facts. In detail, including: shots on or off target, cards, possession, live goal estimation, current odds and much, much more. Our particular favourite is the Pressure Indicator coupled with the Power Rating. OK, nothing is certain once the game begins but if a team has had, say, 5 SOTS (Shots on and/or off Target) and 70% of the possession in the last 10 minutes, where is the safest place to put your money? If you wish, you can have stay updated by email. All this for as many live matches as you’d want.

If you are used to scanners, you may well say, “Ho hum!” but if you now add the soccer bot part of the package…….?

Now you can use all that data to set up strategies (“Soccer Supervisor” also comes with some 15 ready-made strategies which you can use or modify) that suit your style of play. Better still, you have the advantage of exporting your history for analysis. Operating live, you can cash out. Another nice touch: you are never alone since you can interact with other IPT users and the Bettingdev Forum and can share strategies.

Soccer Supervisor” is a one-time purchase, for life, with free updates and free support. What you are getting is a soccer bot with muscle: you can achieve what is manually impossible i.e. run several strategies over several games at once, without the fumbling mistakes and hasty decisions that come with pressure . With strategies that you have confidence in you can operate 24/7 but you are no longer chained your computer. The soccer bot has come of age!

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