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Some people fear betting and they prefer not to risk their money because they think the bank always wins.

At Bettingdev we know “Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results“.  It’s natural to want to invest in betting system has been successful, but investment returns tend to go in cycles and it would be misleading to attract future customers with numbers that mean nothing. The most important to make money is for your sport betting system to have a correct staking plan and many “healthy” strategies. “Healthy”? Yes, a strategy that has a chance of finding you winners at prices consistent with your hit rate.  At its simplest, your sport betting system may give you 50% winners: great at an average price of 2/1, bankruptcy if your average price is evens or less!

It’s always good to learn new things to develop our knowledge. We can be more effective in our work or hobby by doing some reading. It’s a common thing to download e-books to learn and that’s what many pros and beginners do for a new sport betting strategy. At Bettingdev we publish new sport betting systems frequently because the market never stops changing. We always make a point of testing the newest sport betting strategy to check it out. Since you can’t be sure about the claimed success factor of the newer sport betting systems it makes sense to get your own feel of them.

So, studying strategies, as much as you can will result in your gaining the knowledge to create your own sport betting strategy so that you can increase your success rate. Our Betting Systems PDFs are great for ideas.

Quality information rarely comes for free so it’s best to forget about finding really useful free stuff on the internet. You might find some free tactics on the internet that can be used for a short period, but it won’t be effective enough for the long haul as the market goes through its various cycles. Furthermore, it’s smart to read all available sport betting systems and perform tests to find the one that fits your need. It’s good to keep in mind that some sport betting systems can be outdated and, of course, not one system works for all.

We have different sport betting systems covering horse racing, soccer, greyhound and so on.

If you want to be successful then you need the one in the appropriate category. You can use these sport betting strategies to bet manually with any betting platform or bookmaker. You’d probably be able to do the same with your own.  But why not take the next step?  Operating manually you are tied to your computer screen; in order to identify whether or not you are “on” today, you have to work through all the data to apply the criteria of the sport betting system you are using and then you have to catch the market right according to your pricing criteria.

The next step: build a bot: a system that follows your rules and triggers automatically when they are met.  They can be as simple or complex as you want them to be.  The real issue is that your criteria are relevant. At Bettingdev, we can provide you with sport betting systems from our stock or, better still, you can have one custom made to your own specification and private to you.

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