Successful Betting is not about following the crowd. It’s about seeing what they don’t see!

Horse racing data

Horse Racing Data: And that’s where GoodBet Horse Racing Premium comes in…

There are so many measurable factors that impact on a race. It’s why punters turn to various methods to identify their selections, usually historical race data: if the horse has been in the frame last time out, then it looks like it may do so again…

The problem is, popular horse racing data sources offer their data to the masses so that punters (whether beginners or experts) are all using the same horse racing data set in order to find profitable opportunities. Successful Betting is not about following the crowd but to take another way to have the best selection method. Another problem is that with so much horse racing data, it’s impossible for punters to sort and analyze all the data. So punters become too precise, work with a sample that are too small and their rules don’t make sense.

And that’s where GoodBet Horse Racing Edition comes in. It is a Horse Racing Software program coupled with an auto daily update for UK/Irish races which provides a base system allowing users to develop their personal form reading in a logical manner. Consequently, it’s the must-have and indispensable tool for organizing data in a way that allows the user to focus on the prospects that are most likely to finish in one or other of the top spots.

Goodbet is about organising data in a way that allows the user to focus on the prospects which are most likely to finish in one or other of the top spots…

GoodBet Horse Racing Premium fills all the horse racing data in instant to determine if your horse(s) is/are worth a bet or not according to logical criteria. On top of that, GoodBet Horse Racing Premium brings you information about the pace for each horse recognizing that each horse has its individual running style that produces his or her best effort. Generally, with trainers, horses are creatures of habit. Now, with GoodBet Horse Racing Premium you can determine in instant how the horse will run: How fast and when during the race it is likely to run: this knowledge is essential if you want to DOB and GoodBet Horse Racing Premium supports you with this, providing necessary information and guidance in the user manual. GoodBet HR has really good results with this kind of bet!

Besides the ratings, you can see at a glance the number of the horse, draw, forecast and quality of data for each horse for each UK/IRE race. It is really a great software of condensed horse racing data, all-in-1!

Other features…

  • DOB column: This is an estimation of the DOB opportunity for each horse (bad, neutral, good or best opportunity). In fact, this new column is useful for any trading strategy on the Betting Exchange, not just DOB.
  • Distance/Class: Up/Down
  • Horse Racing Data Quality gauge
  • Jockey/Trainer (so that you can easily mark if it is his unique race of the meeting)
  • Betting Returns
  • Starting Price
  • Odds fractional/decimal
  • Field called “Going” that displays the official going of the track.

GoodBet Horse Racing Premium, it’s an unusual concept software…

No sport has such strong associations with the use of stats & analysis as horse racing and GoodBet Horse Racing Premium is about making life easier:

  • Rating system that award points to the best horses
  • Raw horse racing data at a glance for all UK/IRE races without having to search into every database horse racing website
  • Data filtered and analyzed
Having eliminated the less likely prospects, you are left with the more likely ones. Now, it is up to you to decide to bet or not!

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