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This is where we provide Technical Support for our Products and Services as: Automated Betting Bots, Betting Softwares, Custom Softwares, MarketFeeder Pro Triggers, Bettingdev UK VPS and GTS.

If you need assistance for pre-sale or billing questions, please contact us here.

Be aware that we have two levels of support: BASIC and PREMIUM. While we are available to support you with any difficulties in installing your bot (Installation Help Service” included with Bot Monthly Plan and Bot/Software Lifetime License), after you have got it up and running you may wish to subscribe to our Premium Technical Support Service for ongoing support and more.


  • BASIC SUPPORT (support included in the products/services such as Automated Bots, Betting Softwares, Custom Application, Custom Trigger, GTS Services and UK VPS).
    For theses products and services we provide a basic level of support through our ticket system or by e-mail within 72 hours and includes the following:
    – Answering questions about general features and functions of products and services
    – Investigate issue and bugs 

    Despite the fact that the UK VPS benefits from basic support, as soon as a problem arises, this service is classified as a high priority level.
  • PREMIUM SUPPORT (High Priority Level)
    Premium support is intended for Betting Bots and Softwares. For theses products and services we provide a High Level of support through our ticket system or by e-mail within 24 hours and includes the following:
    1- Get assistance with reported bugs and issues: Technical Team provides proactive assistance to investigate and fix issues related to using bots and getting the most value out of their functionalities (by e-mail, support ticket or Teamviewer).
    2- Availability of our Technical Team to answer  specific questions about the features and functionality of the Bots/Softwares.
    3- Provide some guidance on the way the bots are designed
    4- Answer questions about third party assets or functionality (e.g. betting assistant) bundled with bots, such as how they work and other technical questions.

But you Should Only Open A Ticket After Doing The Following:

  • If you need help with SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 Pro through the bot click on the button “?” in SS2 Pro, then select “Contact Technical Support” and tick all the boxes, then click on “Send Message” or open a ticket here.
  • If you need help with MALBOT Horse Racing through the bot click on the button “Tech. Support”, tick all the boxes and “Send Message” or open a ticket here.
  • If you need help with SPIKEY Soccer, open a ticket here.
  • If you need help with SPIKEY Tennis through the bot click on the button “Tech. Support”, tick all the boxes and “Send Message” or open a ticket here.
  • If you need help with GOODBET HR Premium via the software click on the button “?” in GOODBET HR, then select “Contact Technical Support”, add another file if necessary then click on “Send Message” or open a ticket here.
  • You can also check out our FAQs. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, fill out the form below and our Technical Support Team will help you.
    IMPORTANT: Please only add 1-2 questions per ticket. It keeps things simple and it allows our team to provide faster solutions.

Note that if you run one of our softwares or MFP trigger on a VPS from another provider, if you have a technical issue and want our intervention, a fee of £30 will be charged.

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What part of the bot has an issue?
What are you trying to achieve?
What causes the error to show up?
What version of the bot are you using?
Which version of Windows do you use?

It is much easier for us to understand the problem and provide help if you give details on it upfront. If you ask for help by saying “The bot doesn’t work!” then what are we supposed to make out of this? How are we going to help you? Instead, if you give us details and what exactly you are trying to achieve, especially the code error displayed then this allows us to help you resolve the issue easily.


ESTIMATED RESPONSE TIME (Basic and Premium support)
We aim to respond to new tickets within 24 support hours for Premium Support and within 72 support hours for Basic Support. Please note this is only an estimate and our actual response times may vary depending on support load and we may well take longer to respond to more advanced or technical queries.
Be advised, UK VPS has support as priority number one.

Basic Support hours are between 10 am and 6 pm (UK Time) Monday – Friday.
Premium Support hours are between 9 am and 9 pm (UK Time) Monday – Sunday.
UK VPS enjoy a continue support Monday to Sunday.


Make the title of your post relevant to the problem: Please don’t post issues with general titles (help, bot doesn’t work!, urgent, can you help me?). A descriptive post title should have at least 10 characters. The following are good examples of titles so that anyone reading the title gets a good idea of what this problem is about and can get straight to business: “When I execute the installation file, nothing happens” – “My computer is freezing when I use my bot”.