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Betfair Software

Betfair software that can help us spot things and move faster…

Betfair seems to have been around forever but it only went live in June 2000 (which may actually be forever in the online world). And how things have changed in that time! The most obvious has been the number of bettors, the amount and size of stakes. Then the range of events and bets to be played with has widened dramatically. For me the big change has been the speed of the markets. Put speed and complexity together and you have……. AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Or, in other words, brain fry. Unless we use the application of technology. Betfair is basically data. Therefore, we apply to Betfair software that can help us spot things and move faster. At its simplest, this is simply a trigger when certain criteria are met; for example, back £10 on the favourite if its price goes above 2.2. Now, you can sit and wait all day and it never happens; the screen might even get to 2.19. Here’s where a bot (an automatic betting software) works. Firstly, you don’t need to spend all that time in front of the screen and, a very important second, the market may actually have touched 2.2 but your refresh rate was not fast enough to catch it; the bot would have been primed and, if you’d had the simplest of Betfair software, you would have caught it.

You can apply a range of systems and strategies…

Most of us haven’t the skills to create such a bot and even if we had there are other skills and protocols required before we could access the Betfair software and site directly. As it happens there is a whole bunch of guys ready to help. Best way to describe them is that they provide platforms tuned to Betfair software from which you can launch bots to operate on Betfair. They have their individual bells and whistles but generally provide you with standard bots. Thus a lot more power to your betting: you can be freed from your screen, time your bets better and begin to apply a range of systems and strategies.

And now there’s a very special team called Bettingdev who specialise in creating Betfair software and provide you with amazing bot, some customisation and top notch support. Working through some of the platforms above, their strength is in the creation of Betting Software. They provide bots of their own but their strength is that they can deal individually your systems, however complex. In other words, they produce bots and triggers that are exclusively yours and which you can adapt and tune with experience.

Part of the Bettingdev philosophy is that bettors should approach Betfair as a business. On this basis, they supply a range of necessary tools, systems and services in support of that way of thinking, from calculators to virtual private systems and a money management service.

And now Bettingdev is right at the front of a new generation of bot. They have created more automated triggers using a wide range of live information. Possibly the jewel in the crown of Betfair software is Soccer Supervisor to bet and trade on Betfair according the users’ own strategies.

A second piece of Betfair software is Spikey Bot which watches soccer markets and lets you know where there are unusual patterns as they happen so, for example, if you see BIG Money going on a particular bet, you can join them (or take advantage of the knowledge that the price on that bet is likely to shorten but others should lengthen). Also on offer is Malbot which monitors relative price movements in the racing market and provides strategies to take advantage of them.

Betfair software has come a long way in the short time since Betfair was launched. When you see the 3 new bots that Bettingdev have produced who knows the power of what is coming in the next period?

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