Trifecta Betting using Malbot Ratings: The secrets of Malcolm


To help you understand the full process of the use of Malbot with trifecta.

Malcolm, our horse racing expert is going to explain how does he find winners for trifecta with Malbot ratings. Take for example the second trifecta won: Race 7 Sapphire Coast Australia 1400m 31/03/17

“This was a no betting race on Auto due to my settings not betting when more than 3 horses rated over 100. However, it seemed to me to be a great betting opportunity for a trifecta (picking first, second and third in the correct order). Only seven horses out of the fifteen starters rated.

The favorite didn’t rate and the next best runner was 8.0. With such an open race and if the favorite misses the place, then certainly a good trifecta dividend could be coming. So I decided to place a trifecta by boxing all 7 rated runners for a $50 investment. By boxing all selections it means the horses can run first, second or third in any order and you will win. To box 7 runners in a trifecta it will cost 7 x 6 x 5 = $210 to receive the full dividend for $1. My bet was for $50 so this gives me 23.8% of the final dividend if any of my 7 selections fill the placings.

So the bet is on and the race is run and No 3 Striking Lago wins the race at $20.0 (top rated), No 6 Greenback Boogie (5th rated) ran second at $19.0 and No 1 Illyrian (3rd Rated) ran third at $46.0. All three roughies were in the top 5 rated and filled the placings. The trifecta paid $4573 with my local bookmaker and for my $50 investment I collected a nice $1088. Another nice days work!

Not all races represent value for trifecta betting, so identifying opportunities for value investments is the hardest thing for punters to do. Some races I will standout the top two rated runners to run first and second with the field for third. Sometimes I just choose to box the rated runners like the example above. If the top rated runner has a big gap in ratings to the second horse, I might standout it to win, with the other rated runners to run second and third.

I don’t always get it right, so I guess that’s why we call it gambling. But experience will help you identify good value opportunities.

Please feel free to post any questions regarding trifecta betting on the forum and I will endeavour to answer and help you profit from trifecta betting.

Good Punting with Malbot!

Malcolm, Bettingdev Horse Racing Expert

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