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Introduction: As this is the first edition of my Blog I will detail some of my experiences over a period of many years of gambling in Tasmania and around the world. This Blog will also feature my successes with various Bettingdev tools, showcasing the effectiveness of these different betting tools.

My Journey from Amateur to Pro:
I call myself a Pro-Am Gambler, one who has moved from a typical amateur Australian gambler to a full-time professional punter for the last 10 years.
Working backwards I have almost seven years successfully using a number of the Bettingdev products which will all be detailed in later editions of this blog.
My activities particularly in recent years have been concentrated on Horse racing mainly in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, and to a lesser extent Greyhound Racing both in Australia and in the UK and Ireland betting mainly via Betfair.

Casino Adventures
I was a regular Casino player, initially on Blackjack until the Casino’s finally tightened their rules and practices so that even with my great education and support from the author of “Playing Blackjack as a Business” who wrote as Lawrence Revere, it became impossible to profit from card counting and shuffle tracking. These days Poker is the Casino game of choice for the Pro’s.
After switching to Roulette and using a variety of strategies I have played profitably in every Casino in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Macau, Monaco, New Caledonia, much of Las Vegas and several others in Asia and Europe. My early Roulette tutor was Roy Ward Dickson the author of “How to Win at Roulette and Blackjack”.
I named one of the most successful Roulette wearable computers the “Forest Fib”, developed by a brilliant Croatian, which could track and predict where the roulette ball would strike the rotor, bounce and land, at least up until the Casino croupiers started using COVID sanitiser on their hands before each spin. The tiny FFZ and FFA models, operated with the big toe or a hidden micro-switch, also caused some Casinos to introduce Wi-fi jamming and other defences. Later I became quite adept at visual ball tracking and aware of the effects of air pressure, tidal and moon movements on those little white balls.
The Bettingdev roulette products offer other approaches and include the ability to play at reputable Online Casinos.

Conquering the World of Horse and Greyhound Racing
Back to Horse and Greyhound racing, my commercial database of Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore horse races goes back to 1998 and contains detailed form, results and ratings on over a million horses in about 100,000 races, available in Excel format with full searching and evaluation capabilities.
Among my betting tools are the Bettingdev products and I use each of them in my isolation of many different profitable little niches some of which produce selections returning winners at prices up to and over $100 on Betfair  starting Price.

Although my Greyhound databases are significantly smaller I do have the last year of UK and Irish fields and form and most of the BSP results gathered with Bettingdev’s GH Best Times and exported to Excel on my computer.

Betting Tools 

This allows me to identify numerous profitable factors such as the Tracks, the Trainers, The Form, and the Time Ranking some of which alone will show a small flat bet profit when used on events going forward and after some testing for the best combination of factors there are several showing between a 30% – 50% Return on Investment or POT%.

Betting Tools

Technology and Betting Tools:
Now in case you may be concerned that you would need fancy Excel spreadsheeting skills to do something similar let me say that is not the case.

If I want to automate anything all I do click on my new best friend “ChatGPT v3.5”and ask it to produce a formula or prepare a VBA macro and depending on my question detail these invariably work immediately but sometimes require me to reframe my question a couple of times. Many of the Bettingdev programs come with full Excel compatibility making data transfers quite simple and easy.

There is more than enough free information on the Net to make a profit but a few little tools make it easier and more reliable.

Betting Tools

How will this Blog make a profit for you?

Bookmark this Bettingdev page and check in weekly for in-depth discussions, tips and treats, on betting strategies, betting tools, and my experiences all in later editions. Your feedback and questions are always welcome – I am at that stage in life where I am happy and comfortable to share my experiences and knowledge with you.

👉 Some of the future topics that will be covered in detail include, Horse & Greyhound Punting, Lotto & Luck, Patterns & Predictions, Systems & Strategies, Betfair & Bookies.
Remember, Gamble Responsibly and enjoy the thrill of winning with us!

The advice and information in this Blog is believed to be accurate and reliable but no warranty is given and no responsibility arising in any way from errors, omissions, use of information or implications made in this Blog is accepted – Mike McBain.


  1. Dave

    Hi Mike

    Welcome…very much looking forward to your input during 2024…seems like you have a wealth of experience


  2. mikemcbain

    G’day Dave, thanks for the response, much appreciated.

    I have a follow up article on GH Times this week and there will be more on that later after I settle V.3.0 down.

    Also finishing an item on just a few of my Casino exploits with a couple of great roulette tips for use with the two
    Betting Dev tools….Keep winning, Mike.

  3. Susan OBerien

    Found a website with trainers results and tracks most profitable.


    • Laurence Bettingdev

      Hi Susan,

      Analyzing data from the mentioned site reveals limitations, such as with ‘P Crowson’, who had 47 runners in 2022 with a marginal profit of £6.17, but in 2023, faced a loss with 42 runners amounting to -£21. For instance, considering trainer statistics without a substantial data set (e.g., less than 100 runners) often results in unreliable conclusions.

      When analyzing the same data in 2023 with a filter for a minimum of 100 runners, the stark reality becomes evident: nearly all trainers show losses, with only 11 out of 372 showing profitability that doesn’t exceed £25 for the entire year. In contrast, many face losses exceeding £500, some even over £1,000. This stark contrast in data highlights the limitations of raw, unfiltered information for developing effective betting strategies.

      This illustrates the inherent issue with raw data: without substantial volume and analytical depth, like those provided by GH Best Times, making reliable betting decisions is challenging. GH Best Times transcends these limitations by offering advanced filtering, unique analytics, and proprietary statistics and ratings not found elsewhere like our Time Ranking, providing a robust and reliable foundation for informed betting decisions.

      This aligns precisely with what Mike McBain discussed in this blog.

  4. mikemcbain

    Susan, I would like to thank you very much for that website resource.
    While I do agree with Laurence’s comment I just love collecting and evaluating this type of information.
    I will make reference to anything that I find relevant in my future Betting Dev Tools blog posts.
    Meanwhile keep winning….Mike.

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