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This edition of my Blog will explore my journey to win at roulette in International Casinos, leveraging the Bettingdev roulette tools and sharing insights to enhance your winning strategies.

Profit from this Blog:
Today, I will show you a way to play roulette that has not only allowed me to win at roulette but has also worked for me in Casinos around the world.

At the end of this article there is a summary of my personal Hot Gold Roulette Rules which can also be used in conjunction with both the Bettingdev Roulette tools.

I have used and refined them after playing the roulette tables in live Casino’s since Feb 10th 1973 and recorded them for evaluation on my computer.

Now, there are many tens of thousands of spin results collected from hundreds of sessions at all 12 legal Casino’s in Australia, from Casino’s in New Zealand, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Philippines, Macao, Monaco, Germany, London and Las Vegas.

On my multiple trips to Vegas I played most of the major venues on the Strip as well as many of the smaller establishments Downtown and the same in Macao.

You can imagine the stories I have collected from some of those sessions and trips.

From watching Kerry Packer lose his cool and tip a Black Table on top of a Croupier friend of mine, young Mandy at Hobart’s Wrest Point Casino, to a Taxi driver in Vegas who told me stories about him being hired by Packer to transport young James and others to parties in his Penthouse.

Being invited into the high rollers room at the Genting Highlands in Malaysia and watching an Asian gentleman lose maximum bet after maximum bet before he got a winner and adjourned to the bar to tell me he was up one million for the day but my friend told me later he was down ten million for the month.

My Hot Roulette Rules twice picked me the winning number with my very first bet, at both the Vegas Venetian table, and also at the Sun Casino in Monaco, and it also saw me smiling as I left the Macao Venetian with a win on my first session.

Systems & Strategies

It is important to recognise the difference between systems and strategies.

A system is a method of playing which has an orderliness about it and is constructed in such a manner as to attempt to overcome the mathematical advantage favouring the Casino in each of its games. This is quite difficult in today’s well managed casino.

A strategy is the use of skilful planning to secure one’s own advantage.

To maximise the return from your work hours at the table it is best to employ your best strategy and then enhance its performance with a solid system of staking.

The Big Picture

The unique aspects that determine our success are, the human interference factors of the Croupier spinning the wheel and the ball, the physical factors that can cause long and short-term wheel bias and the factors surrounding the Law of Harmonicity, or cycles, or waves.

There are cycles in everything. There are cycles in the weather, the economy, the sun, wars, geological formations, atomic vibrations, climate, human moods, the motions of the planets, populations of animals, the occurrence of diseases, the prices of commodities and shares, the results from a roulette wheel, and the large-scale structure of the universe. None of these are independent of each other. Research shows that very different disciplines often find the same cycle periods in their data.

I have done some work on relating a Casino Roulette wheel results to different Phases of the Moon, different Tide Levels and different Air Pressure although this one appears to be over-ridden by the Casino Air Con system changes.

Can We still win at roulette in today’s technologically advanced casinos?

Yes we can! Despite the new low fret and aluminium pocket wheels and especially the sneaky new variable speed rotor wheels which are being used against Government Regulations forbidding the Casino to cheat, we can still find wheels to play.

The Bettingdev Roulette programs suggest a range of Online Casino’s with manual Croupiers and you will quickly pick up the important little things about your live Croupier Casino like balls skidding instead of rolling due to the use of COVID sanitiser on the dealers fingers, like variable speed rotors, and like widely variable spin rates of the wheel and the ball.


A number is NOT playable if it comes up three times in a row.

A number is NOT playable if the DIFFERENCE in the ‘gap’ between the first-and-second appearance and the ‘gap’ between the second-and-third appearances consists of more than six.

Say the qualifying numbers’ initial two shows were on the 1st and 7th spins, that is a ‘gap’ of 6 and the third qualifying show came up on the 19th spin, that is a ‘gap’ of 12 spins, then the DIFFERENCE in the ‘gaps’ of 6 & 12 = 6. The number is playable!

Again, suppose the initial two shows are on the 1st and 3rd spins, that is a ‘gap’ of 2 and the third show is on the 12th spin, that is a ‘gap’ of 9, so the DIFFERENCE in the ‘gaps’ of 2 & 9 = 7. The number is unplayable!

Another example, suppose the initial two shows are on the 1st and 10th spins, that is a ‘gap’ of 9 and the third show is on the twentieth spin, that is a ‘gap’ of 10, so the DIFFERENCE in the ‘gaps’ of 9 & 10 = 1. Playable!


  1. Back a playable qualifying number for UP TO 9 spins counting spins where zero shows. Of course, zero itself can qualify to be playable.
  2. Bet one unit on the first to the fifth playable spin and two units on the sixth to the ninth playable spin.
  3. If the string of 9 bets all fail to achieve a win stop betting that number immediately.
  4. Also stop backing that number immediately a bet wins, that is the hot number shows for the magic fourth time.
  5. Should four successive playable strings each of 9 bets all lose stop that playing session at that wheel.
  6. If you have lost three strings of nine bets and are playing a fourth when a second number qualifies as playable DO NOT commence betting on it.

This strategy can be used comfortably with both the Bettingdev Roulette programs and they complement one another to prevent boredom or over exuberance at the table or the computer.

In a future article I will details several other reliable winning strategies for following the wheel.

By applying these insights and strategies, you’re setting yourself up to win at roulette, enhancing both your skill and enjoyment of the game.

Meanwhile keep winning,


The advice and information in this Blog is believed to be accurate and reliable but no warranty is given and no responsibility arising in any way from errors, omissions, use of information or implications made in this Blog is accepted.
Mike McBain

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